Saturday, October 22, 2011

Civil Wedding Requirements for Locals and Filipino-Foregner Weddings

For Foreigners Marrying a Filipina...
By ManilaCivilWeddings Inc
Getting Married in the Philippines is not as difficult as what most people think. This article will help you identify the requirements mandated by the Family Code of the Philippines and the rules set be foreign embassies, for Foreginers  marrying a Filipino citizen. This article will provide  your step by step guide on what are the most important things you should prepare to make your Civil Wedding Happen in the Philippines...


If you are living in the United States, Canada, Australia, or any other countries and you are currently staying from your home country, and planning to  get marry to a Filipina, The first, and most important thing that you should remember is the number of  days you will be staying here in the Philippines. Many articles and Wedding posts have been published about Civil Wedding Requirements f but only few of them points out the most important aspect that will make a Civil Wedding of a Foreigner and a Filipina Legal. I will explain more about this when we move on.

In order for you to get married here, Both of you should apply for a Marriage License here in the Philippines. Processing of Marriage License requires you to submit the following requirements stated below. There is a 10 days waiting before the Marriage License can be released and that is the only time a marriage can be celebrated.

Requirements for the Foreigner-Filipina Civil Wedding
  • Birth Certificate with English Version
  • NSO Birth Certificate or Babtismal Certificate (Filipina)
  • Photocopy of any Government I.D (Filipina)
  • Original Court Order if  previously married and annuled (Filipina)
  • CENOMAR-Certificate of no Marriage (Filipina)
  • Certificate of Legal Capacity from your corresponding Embassy*
  • Original Divorced Paper/Court Order if previously married
  • Photocopy of the Passport (Foreigner)
  • 2 Copies of Fully filled up and signed "Marriage License Application Form"
  • 10 Days Waiting for the Marriage Licesnse to be released*
  • Parent's Advise Form (If filipina is 21-25 years old)
  • Parent's Consent Form (If Filipina is 18-20 ears old)
Marriage License Application Form and Parents Advise & Consent Forms can be downloaded below:

Overwhelmed by the requirements? Let's get the most out of the detials. Basically, As it shown from the requirements, The 2 most important things are 1. Legal capacity 2. 10 days waiting Period. Why? I'll explain when we move on. This is the only article that will tell you specifically the things you need to follow for a hassle free Civil Wedding Processing. 

What is Certificate of Legal Capacity and How can I acquire this document?

Also called as "Affidavit in Liue of a Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage", Any foreigner who wishes to marry in the Philippines is required by the Philippine Government to obtain from his/her Embassy a "Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage" before filing an application for a marriage license. This certification affirms that there are no legal impediments to the foreigner marrying a Filipino. Personal appearance is a must. No proxy is allowed to process this document in behalf of you.
Legal Capacity has an Expiration. Ussually 120 days from the date of Issuance. 

For U.S Citizens, Obtaining a Legal capacity in U.S Embassy in Manila is by appointment only. You  can file a request online before going to the US Embassy in Manila Philippines. They may reserve an appointment by clicking HERE (Processing of Legal Capacity ussually takes 20-30 minutes before it can be released)



Step 1

Book a date and be reminded that there is a 10 days waiting period before the Marriage License  can be release. If you are only planing to visit the Philippines in 1 week time, eventhough you were able to accomplish and submitted all the requirements,  Considering that the Count starts when you have the "Legal capacity" ready and endorsed it to the Civil Registry ,come the 10th day when the  Marriage License has been released, you will not be able to attend your civil wedding. Not unless if you will be able to get back and fort to the Philippines twice in two weeks to celebrate your wedding. :)  This is mostly the cause of conflict of Foreigners comming from the U.S and Europe. Many can't stay Longer as expected. My advise is, If you really  love her, Her governemet is just asking for approximately 2 weeks.

Step 2

Gather all your credentials while on your home country.

  • Secure a copy of your Birth certificate, If you are coming from countries that has a different language like Germany,Mexico,Japan,China Russia etc Please secure an English Copy of your Birth Certificate. Your respective Government Civil Registrar will provide you this.
  • Look where you keep your Divorced Papers if you are previously married. Original shoul be presented once you come here in the Philippines.Once the Marriage License has been released, The Original will be given back to you.
  • Don't Photocopy your Passport yet if you are not yet here in the Philippines. What is required is to present a photocopy of your Passport including the page where the  stamp of the date of entry here in the Philippines has been recorded. (Proof  that you indeed came here in person)
  • Prepare your Wedding Rings
  • Download 2 copies of the "Marriage License Application form" The form is divided into two. Left part isfor male, Right part is for female. Fill up the left part and sign You will bring these Forms with you and let your fiance fill-up the right part.
Step 3

Once you arrived, First thing First. Apply for Legal capacity on your respective embassy here in the country. Almost all of them are located in Manila, the Capital of the Philippines. Once the certificate of Legal Capacity has been give , you part of providing your requirements is already done


Step 1

Request for your NSO Birth Certificate and NSO Online.
Go to this Website ECENSUS

Click Request from the Uper Left Part
Choose "Apply Certificates"
Click on I Accept
Fill out the Application Form
Click Submit

Print Out the Email Notification you will received from the Email Address you registered and go to the nearest bank (BDO & Union Bank) The Documents you requested will be delivered to your doorstreps after the compltetion.

Once everything is Completed you may now apply for your Marriage Licenses.

ManilaCivilWeddings Inc.



Downloadable FORMS


  1. I'm currently here in canada and will marry a Filipina Hopefully this December. How do i secure Legal capacity from here??/ Thank you

  2. You may not able to secure Legal Capacity from your Country origin as it has to be secured here in the Philippines from your respective Embassy.
    For your assistance you may contact They will be able to help you out all the way :) Regards

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. How do I secure Legal Capacity from my embassy if there is no embassy of my country in Phillipines? The nearest embassy of my country is in china and in Japan. Do I have to go in Phillipines then out again to go to the nearest embassy of my country!! Please advice.

  5. Good Day : This is John from ManilaCivilWeddings Inc. Let me answer your question briefly. You no longer need to secure a Legal Capacity from China and Japan, If your country has no corresponding Embassy here in the philippines , An affidavit must be drafted " Affidavit of Singleness" must be notarizd by a lawyer. We can arrange this for you provided you submit the necessary requirements and some conditions must be met. We can definitely help you out. You may contact us directly through Thanks.

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  8. My fiance has only 14 days vacation here in the Philippines. Is the "TEN (10) DAYS waiting before the Marriage License can be released" a workings days or calendar days? Is that the maximum number of days we need to wait? Please advise. Thanks much!

  9. I'm a Filipina and I was already married in China with a Chinese. We now live in the Philippines. We want to get married here again. Is that possible? I already have an NSO issued Marriage Certificate.

  10. Any advice pls. i am 24 yrs. old japanese citizen who wants to get married to a filipino man. could anyone clarify to me the requirements needed. your advice would be much appreciated. Thank u

  11. good day my fiance is a not american citizen but a permanent resident is he allowed to get a legal capacity? thnx

  12. hello.. good day! my US citizen Fiance dont have Original Divorced Paper/Court Order anymore. He can obtain either
    Certified Copies (1 seal) or a Authenticated Copies (3 seals)?
    Looking forward to hear from you...